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Welcome to Infinite 8 Music

Infinite 8 Music for Production – A library of royalty free music for Television, Film and Video Game. We provide an online resource with quality music for production.

Infinite Quality
Infinite 8 Music Production - Quality where it matters

Natural instruments and synthesizers that deliver quality sounds.

We record with the best musicians and composers who are passionate about music production. High quality compositions are central to delivering great sounds for any project.

Infinite Speciality

Are you looking for royalty free instrumentals or scores to match a film scene? Infinite 8 Music Production delivers quality to meet your needs. Our original music tracks are easy to access and flexible to download.

Infinite Creativity

Scoring music requires an imaginative mind that experiments with different arrangements and new sounds. We always seek to meet industry standards but also encourage ambitious sounds with a twist.

Infinite Affordability

All of our music is pre-cleared for multiple platforms, worldwide, forever. A single production license starts from just £50.

Why Choose Infinite 8 music Production?

Infinite 8 music Production takes composition very seriously. However, having fun along the way is just as important. We understand the importance of being different and thinking outside the box. We have a diverse library consisting of a range of genres. Choosing the type of productions to match your project from our library has never been easier. We promise to deliver high quality tracks in any form requested.

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