Thor: The Dark World

Thor returns to our big screens later on this year. The first movie of the franchise set the stage for the Avengers movie which was an international box office hit. The plot for the movie still remains a mystery. However, the soundtrack sounds absolutely super. Watching Loki with his bad ass demeanor on the IMAX 3D screen is definitely worth it. The new trailer for the THE DARK WORLD has been released.

Elysium’s Director Found the Film’s Composer On YouTube


Note to all aspiring film composers: Always read every email you get.

A few years ago, musician Ryan Amon was living in Santa Cruz, Bolivia with his wife and working on scores for movie trailers when he got a single-sentence message out of the blue with a very cryptic question — “Is this you? — and a YouTube link. The link went to one of Amon’s early tracks and the email was from Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9 and the upcoming sci-fi flick Elysium, which opens in theaters on Friday.

“I had to Google ‘Neill Blomkamp’ because I didn’t recognize his name, which is really embarrassing now,” Amon told WIRED. His composer friends also had a habit of pranking each other with fake inquiries from film directors, so he was sure he pals were pulling a fast one. “But I made sure to respond just in case.”

Good thing he did. Within weeks he’d had a Skype conversation with the District 9 director and—despite having never scored a film in his life—was asked to score Elysium.

“It’s a crazy story,” the 34-year-old composer acknowledges now. “The more people ask me about it, the more I realize how crazy it really is.”

Almost as crazy was how Blomkamp’s approach to scoring the movie. The South African director wanted Amon to use non-traditional instruments–and to begin composing without seeing a lick of footage. He got “a brief summary” of the movie’s plot, and Blomkamp would give vague ideas to riff on like “darkness,” “light,” “spiritual,” and that was it. “He kind of just let me go at it with this blank canvas,” said Amon, who moved back to Washington D.C., where his family lives when stateside, to spend months writing music for Elysium

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