Man of Steel score featuring Pharell Williams

Pharell Williams and Hans Zimmer

It is official….Pharell Williams and Hans Zimmer are best buddies. These two seem to get along just fine. We already know that they are both collaborating in scoring The Amazing Spiderman 2. That relationship may seem odd but the two greats have already worked together on the Man of Steel score. We already anticipate a stunning soundtrack for the next spiderman movie.

Pharell worked on the drums for Superman.

Hans and Pharell also did a promo together.

Pharrel Williams and Hans Zimmer working on The Amazing Spiderman 2

“Hans Zimmer is like the king of all kings. I carry his books, sharpen his pencils, get his coffee, and I listen to every punctuation that comes out of his mouth. He is a genius.” -Pharell Williams

Its very rare that two genious musicians collaborate to compose a masterpiece. This has to be a turning point in music production as the german born film composer Hans Zimmer joins hiphop and film composer Pharell Williams in Spiderman 2. Personally, these two are definitely in my top ten producers of all time and it looks like Spiderman 2 will not only stand out visually but also musically. Pharell has recently transformed himself as not only a hiphop and pop superstar but also a successful transition in film scoring. He recently scored Despicable Me 1 and 2.

Hans Zimmer is well known for working on over a 100 movies in hollywood. An absolute Idol and Icon to many…its difficult to even start talking about him. All I can say is i’m looking foward to this collaboration.

Pharell and Hans.