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The Science behind the Music

Music production requires discipline and creativity with the ability to capture an audience with electrifying sound and rhythm that displays a spectrum of unique vision. The different aspects that separate each music producer is within the broad basis and individual decision making when composing a musical piece or arranging different melodies. Appreciation of this has come to a whole new meaning and importance to a music producer/composer that aspires to elevate to the top and has already made a mark in the local music business.

Aaron ‘A-one’ Muringani is a natural keyboard and piano player who studied Medical biochemistry BSc (Hons) at Leicester University. During his studies at University, Aaron took piano lessons and studied courses in music production. He soon realised the potential he had to make music that inspires not only him but also the audience. In addition, Aaron was able to work with many aspiring composers to help them get the best chance of getting placements on Tv/Film and Advertising. Influenced by many genres, including Hip-hop, Contemporary R&b, Pop, Soul, A-one has taken a role that ensures that he delivers to the best of his ability and give the true meaning of modern music. Working with the likes of various composers like Alessandro Gozzo and artists like Faiya, Aaron has gained valuable experience in the business. For more information on how to get the type of music your require for your production please feel free to leave a message or email.

To find out about Aaron’s availability for recording or for purchasing completed licensed scores and music tracks please send an email to info@infinite8music.com

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