Justin Bieber has never found a way to truly express him until his latest album, Purpose, released on 13 Nov 2015. When the outside world seems to constantly scrutinize this young, talented and successful musician who came onto the scene in his early teens, the attention centered towards his personal life never seems to end. However, Justin has found a way to truly speak up and escape from all the controversy with his spectacular new album.

Purpose delivers tracks with mesmerizing vocals and captivating instrumentals. The choice of who Justin worked with on this album seems to have payed off as he previously expressed that in is earlier years he didn’t have a 100% input on his projects. Working with the likes of Skrillex and Blood who produced hits such as Where are you Now, I’ll show you and Sorry was a wise choice. Skrillex is a music producer that brings an electronic radio commercial sound that matches Justin vocals perfectly.

Every song on this album is pure perfection with catchy and emotional storytelling cores at the heart. The Purpose movement is currently available on Youtube.

Infinite 8 review: 5 out 5 stars (Infinite Timeless)